Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lindsay Lohan Curses Mother; Snaps Wrist

Your weekend: clearing the dog BM from your yard, a quiet housewarming party in the suburbs, washing the car, a little light cleaning.

Lindsay Lohan's weekend: cussing out her drunk, coked-up mother in public, dodging flying cookies, a trip to the ER.

Advantage: Lohan.

We're not sure if all of this makes her a colossal fuck-up or the coolest girl in town. At any rate, Lindsay reluctantly attended her mother Dina's birthday party at a Chinese restaurant in Manhattan the other night. Lindsay arrived as the birthday girl and her pals were plowing into their second bottle of Cristal (because they are rap stars), Dina made "five trips to the bathroom in 90 minutes and came back to the table sniffling each time," according to a source, and halfway through the meal, Dina and Lindsay began swapping foul-mouthed insults at one another, culminating in Lindsay shouting "go to hell!" and storming out in a huff. A witness told the New York Post that

"Dina just started typing vigorously on her BlackBerry for 45 minutes while her friends were just sitting there, and when the birthday cake came out, she started crying again - even louder. Then she started throwing fortune cookies at the waiters and flipping them off."
When asked for a statement, Leslie Sloan-Zelnick simply said that Lindsay "loves her mother very much." Well, doy. How can you not love a woman who chugs Cristal, cries, and then lobs fortune cookies at the hired help? Right now our pupils are beating hearts and we're composing a "Dear Dina Lohan do you like us check this box yes or no" note.

If that wasn't enough of an embarrassing scene, Lindsay made trip #4,539 to the hospital on Friday after slipping and falling at Milk Studios during a post-Fashion Week party. She fractured her wrist in two places and is now sporting a sad little cast that isn't Louis Vuitton or Chanel or even Paul and Joe for Target, because she's only worth a disgusting seven million dollars. She's really poor.

Source: CelebNewsWire

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