Saturday, October 07, 2006

Intel Buying Nvidia?

According to Xbit Labs, Ever Since AMD Acquired ATi, Rumors are circulating that Intel may buy-out nVidia (the arch rival of ATi) However, Nvidia’s market capitalization is currently nearly $11 billion, which means that the company may be sold for $14 – $15 billion, whereas Intel Corp. only has $7.64 billion in cash. (Ouch! Thats a Lot!) Is this a smart move for intel? i guess so, when both of these companies joint, they have the potential of nearly killing ATi/AMD. nForce Chipsets are really popular, if they merge it will only mean nVidia's Products providing better performanc when used with Intel CPUs; only time will tell, one thing is for certain though, it's going to be a Industry shaking news since Intel is the largest Processor corp in the world and from the recent specs, nVidia G80 looks like a mother of a card (128 pixel shaders!!! Current Flagship Card, 7950GX2 only has 48!) Intedia perhaps?

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