Saturday, October 07, 2006

MySpace For Old Creeps

First, the apparently shocking revelation that MySpace users are, on average, older than they used to be. Research shows that over half the visitors to MySpace are 35 or older. The number of younger people (aged 12-24) visiting MySpace has dropped 30%. This trend doesn't appear to have affected Facebook (still mostly college students) and Xanga (still mostly teenagers), though. Is this a real shift in MySpace's core user base, or is this just a case of adults finally checking out where their kids spend so much time? Although I fall under the "35 and older" demographic (but still come closer to it than I would like to admit), my MySpace usage, which was virtually none, hasn't increased any recently

Source: PCWorld

That just gives me another reason to dislike MySpace, seriously, It's hard to call MySpace a Social Networking Site, the whole layout is overly-crowded and Spam is too much. anyone looking for a Clean, Good Social Networking should check out Either Ryze (mainly business) or Orkut (for casual networking), for Young People, there's always Hi5! Did you hear that? it's hi5! let's make hi5 a sub-porno site! oh wait, it's already there.

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