Thursday, November 30, 2006

24 Officially ROCKS!

well i just finished watching 24 Season 1, when downloading, i was curious for why the show is so hyped, what could it possibly have that viewers haven't watched yet, when downloading, i promised i wouldn't chew the hype and i had a very "meh" attitude going in. What i saw was simply...WOW! Just WOW! 24 is INCREDIBLE! words cannot define the awesomeness of 24, it's thrilling, chilling, exciting and it will hit you with a hammer when you least expect it! honestly speaking, i've watched so many tv shows, From Sci-Fi to Drama to romantic and by god, 24 exceeds them all.... The Hell With Lost! The Hell with Prison Break, The hell with Desperate Housewives, Jericho and the million other shows. 24 is a benchmark for how good something can be, i seriously can't wait for season 2 to finish downloading. won't say too much, because i am myself quite exhausted from watching it for straight 24 hours (not a pun btw) anywho, i am off and once again! 24 ROCKS! i won't give anything away, just watch it! it's just amazing...... it's the best show i have ever ever ever! watched! :D

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