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Crank (2006)
Starring: Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Efren Ramirez, and Dwight Yoakam
MPPA Rating: R For Strong Violence, Sexual Themes, Nudity, Drug Use
Runtime: 83mins
Directors: Mark Neveldine , Brian Taylor

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yesterday, i watched this cool flick named Crank (IMDb Link) here's my scraps on the movie:

Plot: The Plot of crank is, well, you're a pro assassin , on one job, you get all girly and decide not to whack the guy because of your girlfriend, you're boss gets pissed and injects you with a special type of poison, now the poison is really special, because it won't kill you straight, you will only die if your heartbeat lowers, to survive, you have to keep your chest pumping, that means sniffing cocaine out of the flour, drinking lots and lots of red bull and banging your girlfriend in Public (Nasty.....I know!)

Acting: The Central character here is Chev Chelios played by Jason Statham (The Transportar) i didn't really expect any miracle performance from him, not to say i am disappointed (try as i might, i can't criticize everything :P) his acting is pretty good for guy who's injected with poison and a zillion people are out to kill him. unlike Transportar though, the movie doesn't rape Physics (not all the time) so his tough-bad mouthed mofo character is played out nicely. there's also Amy Smart, which many people find hot (i don't, she's too skinny) her acting as a paranoid girlfriend whos boyfriend is acting like a adrenaline Junky (stole from the film) is pretty good, there's plenty more people in this film, but seeing how i am so very lazy to strain my finger tips and go deep into the characters, i'd call it a end here.

Film Review (Brief) : It's action packed and very exciting, the action pace is very consistent, and the film has a unique energy to speak of. some seriously violent scenes alongside massive use of profanity and various skin flashes make the film quite unsuitable for Minors (uh oh.....) but in any case, don't watch this film with your family, the F word is used throughout the whole film and there's that sex scene with Amy Smart (In public) which is more embarrasing and funny than it is of a turn on, which is what i think it was meant to be in the first place. i love the cinematography, it's fast, wild and dizzy, plus they used some excellent colour correction here and there, the music is also bad ass (it reminded me of Total Overdose Video game) the CG effects are quite lame honestly, you can clearly tell when they're using a Green Screen and playing Pre rendered stuff, not that you should expect Matrix Style CGI anyways. all in all, a cool flick, worth watching? Certainly, but don't expect a deep, depth, heart warming movie, instead, just get ready for exciting thrill ride from start to end, oh yeah, if you have a soft stomach, please stay away, the film has some extreme instance of violence, which would be unsuitable for Wimpy people (hi! Aiman!) anyways, that does it for this review, time to watch GitS SAC (took 5 days to download!)

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