Thursday, November 16, 2006

Windows Vista Cracked

DESPITE Microsoft's anti-piracy measures, cracked copies of its Vista operating system are already available on torrent sites, it's claimed.

One cracked version is called VistaBillGates and comes with a product key, and an "activation crack" that bypasses Vole's activation process.

Apparently Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition has also been cracked. So far Microsoft has refused to comment about hacks, but claims it is working hard to stop pirates.

Apparently the weapon it will use is software that deactivates pirated copies of Windows Vista by sending a patch through Windows Update that can invalidate certain product keys.

No doubt the pirates have already worked their way around that one and it will only be countless legitimate Vista users who will find themselves suffering in the crossfire between Vole and the pirates

Source: TheInquirer

PS: Below is the download Link from where you can download Vista ;-)

Windows Vista Ultimate RTM - BillGates (2.61GB)

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