Tuesday, December 26, 2006


BSNL, FUCK YOU! thats right, FUCK YOU WITH ALL IT'S WORTH! you sorry asswipes are piece of shit, you are pathetic, and each and every one of you should be excuted, you're network is fucked up, your broadband is fucked up, every fucking thing you touch gets fucked so bad that it's impossible for it to recover, what the fuck? first ToI publishes a news saying BSNL will upgrade the fucking Connections to 2mbit and then, when we finally think we WILL get TRUE broadband, http://chennai.bsnl.co.in/News/BBSTariff010107.htm comes up, WTF? are you SERIOUSLY fucking kidding me? you are offering 2mbit connections with a 2.5GB Cap (including uploading) what the holy shit hell is THAT? listen you idiotic dumb fucks, even a 256Kbit connection can download over 2GB in a day, rings any bells asswipes? first you make dream and then SCREW us like that. and oh, they also are killing UL900 plan (one which i use) great idea numnuts! seriously, bring me teh smartass behind this shit of a plan and i'd sure to teach him how i solve problems. bottom line, BSNL SUCKS, It always DID and WILL continue to do so. in the end, another FUCKYOU BSNL.

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Anonymous said...

I am absolutely seconding your view point. BSNL personnels are bloody cock sucking assholes who get paid by tax payers money,and do nothing !!

I wish BSNL gets closed and the staff begs on the street for the rest of their life,they are so goddamn lousy !!

In the garb of service,they provide lots of crap.Honestly wish they fold up and start begging with their families on Indian streets