Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ballmer Blames Pirates for Poor Vista Sales

The Shy and retiring, softly-spoken CEO of Microsoft, Steve "Sounds of Silence" Ballmer is blaming software pirates for Vista's poor sales.

Ballmer admitted to financial analysts that the predictions for Vista had proved 'overly optimistic' and he blamed the pirates in China, India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets.

He said his final solution would be to increase the intensity Windows Genuine Advantage as part of an effort to squeeze more revenue from developing nations.

Ballmer believes that one way Microsoft can bump up Windows sales is to tighten the screws on pirates. "Piracy reduction can be a source of Windows revenue growth, and I think we'll make some piracy improvements this year."

He said that there was software within Windows Genuine Advantage which could be dialled up by the Vole to make it even more tougher for the pirates to take out.

He promised that the Vole would "really ferret through how far we can dial it up, and what that means for customer experience and customer satisfaction".

i totally agree! i mean, surely, God-Awful Driver support by hardware vendors, Various hardware/software incompatibility, BSODs, Heavy System Requirements, Lack of Customer Awareness and Insane price wouldn't have to do anything with this. tsk tsk.......

Original News Source: TheInquirer

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