Sunday, February 18, 2007

Donald Trump vs Vince McMahon

well, if this ain't the battle of crazies, according to, there is going to be a Hair vs hair match at WrestleMania 23 between these two, now, don't get it wrong, you won't actually see vince beating the shit outta trump (if only...) instead, each one will pick his superstar and the loser gets his head shaved. the thing is, it's not only a simple hair vs hair match, but also Clash of Egos, Trump's an ass and you can bet your dollars, he WONT get his head shaved. if Vince gets his head shaved than it will severely damage not to mention it will be embarrassing. but i guess if you can flash your ass in front of millions of people

[Vince flashin' his keister at WrestleMania 22]

on worldwide television, shaving head is not nearly as bad. still, the match will probably end in a DQ or a wacky spot of some sorts. the only question is, how far is "Mr.Trump" willing to go. i mean he certainly wouldn't want his super awesome ultra gay hair to get shaved.... right? whatever........

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