Saturday, February 03, 2007


i hate India! No, Really! actually, this rant is more about Indian Cable Operators and TRAI, as if not getting Proper Digital TV wasn't enough, you cant even watch your favorite freakin' shows, Star Movies, Star World, AXN, Zee Cafe, Star Movies, HBO these are just couple of channels which are banned [almost] all-over India, it's impossible to catch shows (unless you ACTUALLY like the Shit Ekta kapoor puts on Star Plus and ZeeTV) anyways, all my TV needs are depended on my Pc (PC-TV, hehe, good pun :P) everything i want to watch, i'd have to download it, it's not bad, really, i've gotten addicted to a handful of awesome shows. at this point, i'd like to mention EZTV , probably one of BEST sites ever, as we all know, TV shows are released by Internet rls groups, groups like : LOL, XOR, NoTV, NBS etc.. regardless of group, all the shows by all the groups get posted FIRST on EZTV before on any other site, i've been using the site for a while now, it beats Constantly searching TorrentSpy or Demonoid (speaking of which, i'm a proud Demonoid Member :D) all the shows get posted within 20Hours of their original broadcast (usually it's 5-6hrs) anywho, enjoy EZTV!

PS: my id on EZTV is "24" in case any one's wondering.

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