Friday, February 09, 2007

Hulk Hogan Doesnt work for WWE no more

And Here i was thinking there was no god :D

Hulk Hogan was on Bubba the Love Sponge this afternoon discussing the death of Anna Nicole Smith. He noted that he hung out with her at the last UFC in Florida, that she was “wobbling” all over and the hotel said she was “incoherent” checking in. Hogan claimed the press was trying to reach him since he and Smith recently posed for pictures together, but he instead called Bubba.

Bubba then said plenty of wrestling sites listen to his show and report on what they say. Bubba noted “the wrestling community is in an uproar:” over Hogan possibly going to TNA. Hulk said he never spoke with Dixie directly but his lawyer might have.

Hogan noted that Bubba gets him into trouble on the air and he received heat regarding the WWE Hall of Fame phone call from Vince McMahon’s secretary that went out over the air. Bubba mentioned that was more Hogan’s fault.

The subject changed to TNA possibly making a play for Big Show Paul Wight. Hogan said he received heat over the fact that when he was at UFC the crowd constantly chanted “Hogan, Hogan” during the matches.

Hogan also mentioned VH-1 made him an offer to start a promotion. He claimed VH-1 asked for “Hogan Knows Best” to film 20 episodes but he agreed to only 12. VH-1 pitched ideas for three different pilots including a Hogan-run wrestling company. Bubba brought up the fact that if VH-1 would get with both Hogan and TNA, “it would be unstoppable.”

Hogan brought up that he felt the biggest angle in wrestling could be Hogan vs. Vince Russo. Hogan said he is not involved in Wrestlemania 23 and began goofing on the fact Bubba hates WWE and Vince would not give him wrestlers as guest. Hulk said “I apparently do not work there anymore”.

Courtesy: PWInsider

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