Monday, February 12, 2007

Possible Inductees of WWE Hall of Fame 07

here's a list of possible superstar that may get inducted in WWE Hall of Fame 2007, night before WrestleMania 23. the list will get cropped to 7-8 people when it's final.

The Von Erichs
Ultimate Warrior
The Original Sheik
Ric Flair
Mr. Fuji
Nick Bockwinkel
Muhammed Ali
Mr. T
Mike Tyson
Howard Finkel
Jim Ross
Ken Patera
King Curtis
Ted DiBiase
Jake "The Snake" Roberts
Honky Tonk Man
Randy Savage
Dusty Rhodes
Dick Ebersol (NBC Executive responsible for creation of Saturday Night's Main Event)
The Wild Samoans
Big Boss Man
Bob Backlund
Rick Rude
The Bushwhackers
Rocky Johnson
The Brooklyn Brawler

of all the people there, personally, i would really like to see Jake "The Snake" and Randy Savage get inducted. they shouldn't induct Flair yet, not unless they plan to retire him after mania. and JR? no no! oh yeah, Hogan "Accidently" leaked this list on a Radio show and got fired from WWE.

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