Thursday, April 05, 2007

Been a While......

It's been a long time since i've posted on Blogger, funny how fast people move on if they find something better, like i did when i opened a blog at Wordpress. (Link), that said, now that've visited my old blog, i started to remember why i opted for Blogger in the first place. can never get rid of that comfy feeling i have at blogger :) well enough about blogging services, April so far, has been a good month, firstly, WrestleMania 23! (woohoo! bitches!) broke all attendance records at Ford Field, the arena was jam packed with 80,103 WWE Fans, getting WWE revenues in-excess of $5.9million. the overall card was pretty decent, i have to admit, the only match i was REALLY looking forward to was Undertaker vs. Batista, it turned out to be better than i expected, since i was so eager to watch Mania23, i downloaded the poor quality Webcast Rip, which was 460MB, quite good considering the event was 3Hr45mins long, ofcourse it was blurry as hell and was in a format my good ol' Media Player Classic couldn't play, so i ended up using Winamp with a X264 DLL . although i was quick to add the High quality DSRip to Azureus, due to the shit Power conditions in my city (and the fact that, my UPS is dead) the torrent got corrupted at 44%, god bless ProjectW, i got Direct Links for the DSRip, as i type this, i am downloading CD1, which is 700MB, and thank to god, resumable. moving on with WWE madness, if you've been watching TV lately (and catching good tv shows) you'd be aware that Prison Break Season 2 just ended with a episode i though was somewhere between totally ridiculous and cheesy. PB was only scheduled for 2 seasons, but as well all know, whenever a show hits it good, the Producers dont stop from being a total Money-Whore and renewing the damn thing, it's been done with Many shows, (Simpsons, Lost to name a few), sadly, while it may get high ratings, the fact remains that when you strech something beyond it's limit, the results are never good. and to be honest, i dont want it to happen to a good show like Prison break. while we're on the subject of Tv shows, 24 season 6 seems to get shittier by every episode, i mean what the fuck? 24 is a show which leaves impact on you, and 16eps down (8hours remaining in the day) and quite frankly, i am not feeling the Zing i felt with season1,2,3,4,5; first off, it appears that in every episode, they have Less Jack Bauer, the heart pounding action scenes have been replaced by Bold-And-The-Beautiful like Chatter box shit which seems to go on an Eternity. and the storyline? huh, what? it has been non existing to say the least. first 2-3 eps were awesome, but now, it has become such a god damn drag, seriously, they have 8 eps to do something before i stop watching the show.... nah not really, but i'd surely be very angry at them ;) well, i guess, on the plus side, there's no sign of Jack's Cursed Bitch of a daughter Kim (Played by Elisha "Popular Mechanics For Kids"Cuthbert) and we can all thank god they killed Tony : P moving on even more (is this post becoming too long to read?) if all goes well, i should hopefully get a nice pc before May comes (fingers crossed).

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